Six Pack Diet: 18 Foods To Sculpt Your Abs and Build More Muscle!


There’s no awesome way to get six pack abs. Exercise is a must, but the diet plan also has about 80 percent of the contribution to bodybuilding.

Your abs exist within this layer of excess fat in your body.

To get six-pack abs, it is important that you have to follow a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients, low in calories, carbohydrates and fat content, and also contain an excessive amount of protein.

There are products that you can include in your daily meals, which will be excellent substitutes for junk food and even satisfy your taste buds:

#18. Chicken Breast

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Chicken is an excellent source of obtaining proteins. This is the right food for muscle growth. Chicken breast can make your muscle mass grow very positive.

Meat is always an excellent food for body builders, and if you are on a mission with six packages, do not forget to include the chicken in your regular diet.

Fitness specialists always recommend this food for muscle building. It will be better if you choose lunch time to eat chicken, since you can fully use food to produce energy for your body, and thus you can easily cope with training with ABS.