5 Groups of High Fat Food that Make and Keep You Fat


Fat creeps into your diet, almost unnoticed, in nearly every area of your diet.

Let’s just take a look at all the different food groups and the fats they contain – the fats that have been making and keeping you fat.

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1. High-fat (at least 35 per cent of total calories) ‘protein’ foods

bacon, beef (most kinds), chicken with skin, duck, ham, lamb, liver, meat loaf, pork, sausages, pate, fish in batter, fish fingers, scampi, tuna in oil, nuts of most kinds, whole milk, all cheeses except diet cottage cheese, eggs, whole-milk yogurts and fromage frais.

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Tips: Our protein needs aren’t great – about 10-15 percent of calories in our total diet. So make sure that by adding protein to your diet you are not by default adding too much extra fat.

2. High-fat ‘carbohydrate’ foods

chips, doughnuts, sponge cake, croissants, scones, biscuits of most kinds, cereal bars, oatcakes, pasties, most kinds of pastry, jam tarts, mince pies, crisps and savory snacks and canned cream of tomato soup.

3. High-fat ‘added fat’ foods

butter, margarine, low-fat spreads, polyunsaturated spreads, all cooking oils, all salad oils, all mayonnaises, all types of cream, French dressing, salad cream, tartare sauce and white sauce.

4. High-fat sweet, dessert and confectionery foods

chocolate of all kinds, standard ice cream (dairy or non-dairy), custard and rice puddings, gateaux, cheesecakes, fruit pies.

5. Many savory recipe dishes, home-made or bought ready-made

soups, casseroles, lasagnes, sauces, moussakas, curries, chilli, satay, stews and casseroles.