Hollywood Celebrities’ Favourite Vacation Spots


A vacation is a perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars in the flesh. Celebrities are a well-traveled bunch. When not jetting around the world for their jobs, whether it is a film set in London, a concert venue in Hong Kong, or even a seminar in Davos, they’re likely en route to some fabulous vacation spot. These are the top celebrity vacation hotspots that Hollywood heavyweights flock to when they need a little time off.

#1 Jennifer Aniston — Cabo San Lucas

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Just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place for celebrities who want to get away for a couple of days. Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, is known for its beaches, water-based activities, and nightlife. On their vacations, celebrities can enjoy many beaches and waterfronts Cabo has to offer, as well as its impressive landmarks, museums, water sports and the famous Town Square. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is nothing better than sipping a margarita on the beach, away from all of the life’s craziness.

#2 Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox — Maui, Hawaii

Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Sprawling Haleakala National Park encompasses the island’s highest peak, volcanic Haleakala, as well as the pools and waterfalls of Ohio Gulch, accessed via scenic, winding Hana Highway. Maui offers the perfect getaway for celebs who want to spend their vacation getting in touch with nature and relaxing on the beach. And of course, they’re all sure to come back with a fresh new healthy glow. Just some of the amenities the island has to offer include, breathtaking hikes, volcanoes, national parks, a variety of beaches, five-star hotels and of course, it wouldn’t be Hawaii without a Luau.

#3 Michael Douglas — Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is a ski resort town and a year-round destination for outdoor recreation. It’s also known for high-end restaurants and boutiques, and landmarks like the Wheeler Opera House, built in 1889 during the area’s silver mining boom. In addition to skiing, celebrities can also enjoy dog sledding, walking tours, full moon dinners and powder tours. No wonder Aspen is a celebrity favorite winter destination. Aspen, Colorado is certainly a dream winter getaway.

#4 Madonna — Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a huge seaside city in Brazil, famed for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado and for Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite peak with cable cars to its summit. Celebs have long been a fan of the tropical paradise that Rio de Janeiro offers. Its raucous Carnaval festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes, and samba dancers, is considered the world’s largest festival. Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to both relax on the beach and experience a different culture. No wonder it is a hot spot for celebrities.

#5 Jay-Z and Beyonce — Saint Barts

Saint Barthelemy, a French-speaking Caribbean island commonly known as St. Barts, is known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops. Anybody who deserves to be called somebody in Hollywood has been here at least once which might have something to do with the fact that we’re talking about one really beautiful spot but probably has more to do with trends and the monkey-see-monkey-do attitude. St. Barts is one of the more well-known celebrity vacation spots. It seems that anyone who has their names written in tabloids has been to St. Barts at least once. The capital, Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbor, has high-end restaurants and historical attractions like the Wall House, whose exhibits highlight the island’s Swedish colonial era. Perched above the town is 17th-century Fort Karl, looking out over popular Shell Beach.

#6 Brigitte Bardot — Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a coastal town on the French Riviera, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeastern France. Long popular with artists, the town attracted the international “jet set” in the 1960s, and remains known for its beaches and nightlife. Some of the activities that Saint-Tropez has to offer include; fine dining, a variety of museums, relaxing beaches, coastal hikes, boating trips and for the celebrities willing to spend more money, a trip on a yacht. St-Tropez also offers a great nightlife. If you are looking to bump elbows with celebrities, club 55 is a favorite among stars. The cobblestoned La Ponche quarter recalls its past as a fishing village, although yachts now outnumber fishing boats in the Vieux Port (Old Port).

#7 George Clooney — Lake Como

Lake Como, in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, is an upscale resort area known for its dramatic scenery, set against the foothills of the Alps. The lake is shaped like an upside-down Y, with three slender branches that meet at the resort town of Bellagio. At the bottom of the southwest branch lies the city of Como, home to Renaissance architecture and a funicular that travels up to the mountain town of Brunate.

#8 The Kardashians — Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sand-fringed islets and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it’s known for its scuba diving. It’s also a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. Bora Bora provides the perfect getaway for celebrities because of all the privacy it has to offer. Stars can stay in high-end, over the water bungalows where they have their own entrance to the ocean and their own incredible view. Chilling on this breathtaking island costs quite a bit, but if you’re a celebrity, you simply must visit it at least once in your career. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime.

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#9 Tom Cruise — Mykonos

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. Tom Cruise own houses in Mykonos and like to take a vacation there in the months that aren’t so popular for tourists. Mykonos is a favorite celebrity vacation spot for celebrities who want to be out of the spotlight. Celebs can spend their time snorkeling, sunbathing, visiting Little Venice, or photographing the windmills. However you put it, Mykonos provides the perfect opportunity to truly get away from it all. Beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise have bars that blare thumping music. Massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs and typically stay open well past dawn. Iconic landmarks include a row of 16th-century windmills, which sit on a hill above Mykonos town.

#10 Catherine Zeta-Jones — Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca (Majorca) is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. It’s known for beach resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains and Roman and Moorish remains. Some of the favorite celebrity spots in Mallorca include Wellies Restaurant and Bar, Puerto Portals, Karma Bar and Es Trenc Beach. Mallorca offers the perfect escape from the busy lives of celebrities. The crown jewel of the European celebrity vacation spots. Mallorca sure is a classy place that attracts classy people! In fact, I bet you won’t be surprised to know that Zeta-Jones couple has a house here. Stone-built villages include Pollença, with its art galleries and music festival, and hillside Fornalutx, surrounded by citrus plantations.

#11Orlando Bloom — Canary Island

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa, are rugged volcanic isles known for their black- and white-sand beaches. Tenerife, the largest island, is dominated by the sometimes-snowy active volcano Mount Teide, which has its own astronomical observatory and is part of Teide National Park. Tenerife hosts a huge pre-Lent Carnival in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Now, I bet they sure enjoyed their holidays on one of the beautiful islands in the Canary archipelago.

#12 Prince William and Kate — Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region, is known for its Mediterranean beaches and golf resorts. The Algarve is awash in sunshine for nearly 3,000 hours each year. The Algarve’s sunny shores offer perfect escapes for all types, from those seeking the hot nightlife of flashy, energetic Lagos to those desiring secluded stays in rambling Sagres. And with cool Atlantic waters lapping at the region’s shores and an eastern mountain border blocking out hot, dry winds from the north, growing conditions for fresh, flavorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs are excellent.

#13 Leonardo di Caprio — French Riviera-Antibes

For those of you who love to walk amongst the quays admiring the boats, this is the place to visit. Antibes is a resort town between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera. It’s known for its old town enclosed by 16th-century ramparts with the star-shaped Fort Carré. Antibes grew from the ancient Greek trading port of Antipolis, was heavily fortified by Vauban in the 17th century and in the 21st century became the favorite town Hollywood celebrities. Uan Les Pins is the most exciting part, with an exciting nightlife where night owls run shoulders in summer as they move between fashionable nightclubs, casino, and even night shopping. We don’t need to add that you can find every kind of water sports imaginable in Antibes. This overlooks luxury yachts moored at the Port Vauban marina.

#14Rihanna — Sicily, Italy

Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island, is just off the “toe” of Italy’s “boot. Nature seems to have endowed all its wonders to this land: mountains, hills and above all the sea, with its incredible colors, its crystal-clear water and the beauty of its seabeds, in no way inferior to those of other seas. Its rich history is reflected in sites like the Valley of the Temples, the well-preserved ruins of 7 monumental, Doric-style Greek temples, and in the Byzantine mosaics at the Cappella Palatina, a former royal chapel in capital city Palermo. The fascination for this region grows with treasured archaeological sites that tell the story of the ancient origins of Trinacria. On Sicily’s eastern edge is Mount Etna, one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes. Etna, the greatest active volcano in Europe, is on Sicily’s eastern coast and is one of the fundamental stops for those wanting to discover this region.

#15Ciara and Russell Wilson — Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It also has the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and beaches, including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities in the Seychelles, and rightly so. White-sand beaches, secluded coves, coral-colored sunsets, swish hotels, slick restaurants, hushed spas. Healthy reefs, canyon-like terrain, shallow shelves, exciting shipwrecks, impressive granite outcrops and splendid coral gardens give divers and snorkelers almost instant access to a variety of environments. With such a dreamlike setting, it’s not surprising that honeymooners and those seeking a glamorous tropical getaway have long had the Seychelles at the top of their wish lists.

#16 Kendall Jenner —- Malibu, Los Angeles.

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Malibu is a city west of Los Angeles, California. Romantic, luxurious and spectacularly beautiful, Malibu, California, is a unique beach town that so many rich and famous call home. Many celebs live in the areas surrounding Hollywood, and Malibu is the perfect place to go for a quick getaway in the midst of their busy schedules. With homes high up on the bluff overlooking miles of fine sand beaches and spectacular views of the Pacific, Malibu, CA, is known for its fantastic surfing waves, iconic fishing pier and great shopping at the Malibu Country Mart. From rocky beaches with natural arches to beaches that cater to families thanks to onsite amenities like bathrooms and showers plus a beach that is one of the best surfing spots in California, you won’t be without choices of where to plop down your beach towel while in Malibu. Therefore it’s no surprise that some of the top attractions of Malibu have to do with nature.