Children's dentures


Nail teeth, or nail teeth, usually occur in lateral incisors. These teeth are smaller than normal, and their shapes are getting thinner. Apart from unusual appearance and cosmetic considerations, the teeth themselves are not worth panicking. However, the presence of peg-shaped teeth may imply potential diseases or congenital defects that must be addressed.

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pin teeth may be caused by various circumstances. Congenital syphilis is a disease that causes these malformed teeth. Congenital syphilis refers to the infection of syphilis in the uterus of infants from their mothers. Syphilis can be treated with penicillin, but once teeth are formed, their shape is fixed. According to Pubmed Health, a genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia can also lead to nail-like teeth and other abnormalities in teeth, skin or hair.


Pin teeth are usually too small to fully function, but they usually do not lead to occlusion or alignment problems. However, dental pits may develop, with another tooth developing in the nail tooth. According to Vinay Kumar Srivastava, author of Modern Pediatric Dentistry, this condition is called a "dental cavity". Therefore, dentists may wish to X-ray their teeth to ensure that there are no structural problems within the teeth. Dentists and orthodontists usually do not worry about nailed teeth. The shape of the teeth may not be fixed, but if the teeth are permanent, dentists can take measures to minimize their appearance. One way is to use braces or other orthodontic devices to move the teeth around the nailed teeth so that there is no gap around the teeth. This will help hide unusual tooth shapes. Or a hat can cover your teeth. Be sure to consult a dentist when your child has unusual teeth. One nailed tooth or another deformed tooth may indicate that your child has a disease that should be treated. If the nailed tooth is a permanent tooth, if it has decay or other problems, or if you want to explore ways to improve the appearance of the tooth, consult your dentist. Dentists skilled in cosmetic dentistry can offer a variety of options for fixing nailed teeth.