Alcohol and eczema


Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that causes several uncomfortable symptoms. Some people develop these symptoms when they eat certain foods. Triggered foods vary from person to person, and alcohol can exacerbate eczema, which means you may have to limit your intake or avoid drinking altogether.

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eczema symptoms vary in severity; you may experience periods of skin health and then periods of uncontrollable symptoms. Many people fight this chaos every day. Common symptoms include skin discoloration; lumps in affected areas that may leak or harden; rough or ruptured skin; and itching. Many treatments can relieve eczema, but changing diet is one way to relieve symptoms. Alcohol is not one of the most common food triggers for eczema, but it may worsen your condition.

Determination of food-triggering factors eggs, milk, wheat and soybeans can sometimes lead to eczema attacks, but alcohol can also disturb some people. The best way to determine whether alcohol is one of the causes of eczema is to keep a diet diary. Record what you eat, how much you eat, and the symptoms of eczema that appear shortly afterwards. Record for a few weeks so that you and your doctor can find patterns of foods or drinks that aggravate your symptoms. < p > < H3 > Avoid drinking < / H3 > < p > Obviously, avoiding drinking means excluding beer, wine or spirits from normal beverage intake. You may not realize that several other items may contain alcohol, and eating them may lead to an outbreak of your eczema symptoms. Meat cooked in wine, non-baked desserts and flame are examples. Use non-alcoholic alternatives and be careful when ordering in restaurants. If you drink a lot of alcohol and are worried about the difficulty of quitting smoking, please contact your doctor and consult medicines and other forms of treatment to help you avoid drinking.

Notes In some cases, oral allergy drugs are used to treat eczema symptoms. If you can tolerate a small amount of alcohol, don't drink while taking medicine. This may cause dangerous side effects. When taking medicines, please follow the packaging instructions about the dosage and the safety of drinking alcohol.