Beauty Essentials You Should Have In Your Makeup Bag


A women’s makeup bag is her one of the most valuable assets. The products found within the bag may tell us whether the person carrying it is a beginner or a professional one. Let’s have a look at these stages from beginner to professional, or one may be called an EXPERT with must have products to enhance your beautiful personality.


The beginner’s level is that where one is just about to explore the new world of makeup. These most basic products can help to create a flawless skin.
• Mascara
• BB cream
• Eyeliner (pencil)
• An eyeshadow duet
• A brow pencil
• A foundation sponge
• Lip balm
• Tweezers
• Makeup-remover wipes


The next level where it becomes quite easy to put on makeup but yet to master few skills, let’s see the essentials.
• Eyelash curler
• Bronzer may be a powder or liquid makeup product that gives a glowing effect to the skin. Bronzers are typically brown and warm-toned. A bronzer should be one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.
• Highlighter
• Concealer
• Primer is a liquid that gently removes pores by giving a flawless skin and can be carried daily
• Liquid foundation that matches the skin tone
• A bold lipstick
• Lip liner
• A cream and powder blush present in two states where liquid can be easily applied with fingers while powder blush may require a blusher
• Liquid eyeliner (with felt tip)so that one can create eyes according to the shape they like.
• An eye-shadow palette preferably nude colors
• A spooler brush is one which is just like a mascara wand with soft bristles best for defining eyebrows
• Hydrating mist acts a toner sprayed onto face just a few inches away; it helps hydration and moisturization.
• Foundation brush
• Eyeshadow brush
• Double-sided contour and blush brush
• Pressed-powder compact
• Pointed Q-tips helps makeup touch up and cleans tight spaces
• Eye-makeup remover


Expert is one who is either professional makeup artist or has become quite good at this art. This stage brings about a bag full of makeup products that clear out all the flaws in your skin making you beauty.
• Loose pigments are the eyes shades minus the binder that keeps them in a pan; these are shimmery
• Fake lashes helps to enhance your eyes
• Lash glue
• Lash primer helps to have thicker long lashes just before putting on a mascara
• Metal lash comb
• Eyeshadow primer
• Loose finishing powder
• Makeup setting spray
• A fan brush
• Lip scrub helps to leave lips soft and gentle
• Palette of lip colors because here one can blend different colors of their own choice
• Contouring cheek palette
• Concealer brush
• Gel filler for brows
• Gel eyeliner
• Kabuki brush is one of the domes shaped soft bristles which is used to buff powder across the face
• Angled eyeliner and brow brush
• Smudge brush
• Stippling brush
• Mini scissors